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Elaine Carter

Birth Trauma Resolution (BTR) Therapist

About Me

During the 25 years of working as a midwife in the NHS, I developed an interest in birth trauma and how it impacts on women and their families. Over the years there has been an increasing awareness about birth trauma and a recognition that women could experience PTSD symptoms if the trauma experienced has not been processed.  In 2019 I qualified as a Birth Trauma Resolution (BTR) Therapist and have witnessed how this simple, yet very effective technique has been in transforming what was a traumatic memory into something that can be recalled without triggering the often, debilitating symptoms. I have since retired from midwifery practice so that I can concentrate on this incredibly rewarding work. 



Registered Midwife

Birth Trauma Resolution Therapist


Some common symptoms of trauma?

-Intrusive or distressing memories when thinking about the birth



-Feeling anxious or panicky when thinking about the experience

-Avoidance of talking about it because it is too distressing

-Find it hard to remember any positive aspects of the birth

-Loss of interest in things once enjoyed

-Disconnection from family and friends

-Loss of hopes or positive feelings about the future

-Sleep difficulties

-Irritability and outbursts of anger

-Feeling jumpy or on edge

What to expect from a BTR session

You will have an opportunity to share your unique birth experience and be listened to in a sympathetic and non-judgmental way.

You will be taught breathing techniques to help you relax and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and panic.

We will create a personalised guided visualisation/relaxation which you are free to record on your phone and use later.

Using a specific technique, the traumatic memory will be dissolved so that you will be able to remember your birth without the distressing symptoms.

It will help to rebuild your confidence and get your life back on track.

The first session will last 90 minutes, this is to allow sufficient time to share your birth story, it is sometimes possible to complete the process in one session but more often it will be done in the second session.  Due to the nature of the therapy, it is generally effective between one to three sessions, although a fourth can be arranged if needed.

Does BTR always work?

I have seen over 250 women and those who report having no return of the PTSD symptoms is around 80% of the remaining, many reported a reduction in symptoms.  For some however there was no difference in reported symptoms and in these cases, it was discussed how best to access a more appropriate therapy. 

What will it cost? 

 Session 1. 90 minutes £95,

 Follow up sessions 60 minutes £65