Welcome to Room Three...

We understand that renting a counselling room is a financial commitment. However, we like to think that at Cherry Tree Therapy Centre you get more than just a counselling room.

Join our team and you will be part of an amazing, therapeutic community that will provide you with ongoing support for your practice.

Counselling Room to Rent

Renting a Counselling Room

Counselling room 3 is located at Number 2, Station ParadeWalk through the Cherry Tree Therapy Centre’s front door, down the corridor and you will find this cosy, welcoming room just to your left.

This room is set up for: Counselling, Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Mediation, Supervision, Family Therapy and Medical Consulting. 

Room 3 has an intercom entry system so the client can alert you to their arrival without disturbing other Centre users. You can buzz clients into the building where the client can either come straight into the room or be directed to the waiting area in the middle of the building. 


Waiting Area

Home From Home

We believe that if you are renting a counselling room, it should feel as if you are sitting in your favourite living room. Therefore, we have painted this room in a calm, neutral green tone with grey and wooden accents. It has a natural, laminate floor with a silver and grey-toned shaggy rug. 

Room 3 is filled with soft furnishings, for an inviting, homelike feel. It has a beautiful 2-seater, dark grey double sofa from Made.com and we’ve even included a cosy forest green blanket for the clients to use. There is a soft, black tub armchair opposite the sofa with two plush cushions for both therapist and client comfort. 

The room has a large arched mirror which gives the illusion of a window, making the room feel spacious. This mirror is directly above a grey French style console table, giving a cosy feel to the room. The room has two large and beautiful photos, one a light grey canvas and the other a stunning colourful forest which colours tie into the cushions and the faux bouquet that sits on the console table. The room can be lit by using the spotlights or for more subtle lighting we have a wicker floor lamp and table lamp. 

Counselling room near me
Counselling room near me

Whatever The Weather

For those hot summer months (yes, we know they are rare!), we have a cooling system and on those extra hot days, we provide extra fans. For those cool, winter days we have heaters throughout that can be adjusted for temperature and airflow.  

We take health and safety seriously and this room has a fire door with a magnetic opening system and an emergency light which will guide you to the exit in the event of an emergency.   

Each room has additions such as; tissues, drink coasters, bins, antibacterial wipes, a clipboard, and a clock for clients and therapists’ use. 

If you are considering renting a counselling room and love room 3 as much as we do, please get in touch.

The Cost of Renting a Consulting Room

  • Off-Peak Hours – Weekdays 8am-5pm  and Weekends- £13 
  • Peak Hours –  Weekdays 5pm-9pm – £14
  • We offer a 20% reduction for block bookings. Please contact the office for T&Cs.

Booking this Room

If you are not yet registered with us, email info@cherrytreetherapycentre.co.uk to request more information.  If you are already part of our amazing team, click the link below to book your next slot.  

All room rentals are subject to our rental terms and conditions.

Therapists that wish to join our therapeutic community will need to register with us first. Email us at info@cherrytreetherapycentre.co.uk to book an appointment to view our consulting rooms.

'My clients often comment that room 3 feels cosy, and comfortable.. The light in this room is gentle, which I think makes people feel relaxed and helps them feel at ease'
"Room 3 is my favourite room to work in. I like that it’s cozy and allows for a more intimate setting for the counselling relationship. Most if my clients prefer room 3'