Sarah Stobbart

About Me Sarah Stobbart is a Counsellor, Coach and trauma aware therapist at Cherry Tree Therapy Centre in Buckhurst Hill. Sarah Stobbart is a BACP registered, a trauma-aware therapist who offers a tailored service, individually developed to a client’s specific needs. Her experience has taught her that clients are not just looking to process their thoughts, […]

Nina Mitchell

Transformational Coaching

About Me Nina Mitchell is a Counsellor and Psychotherapist at Cherry Tree Therapy Centre in Buckhurst Hill. She is also a qualified Transformational Coaching and Mindfulness Practitioner. “I like to think of therapy as building a toolkit for life, empowering my clients with a renewed outlook, increased self-awareness, and effective coping strategies for life’s encounters outside […]

Charlotte Garratt

Personal Consultant

About Me Charlotte Garratt is an Integrative Counsellor, Coach and Personal Consultant at Cherry Tree Therapy Centre in Buckhurst Hill. “I believe that counselling is for anyone who wants to find self-acceptance and peace on their journey through life”.  Charlotte’s role as a counsellor is to help you identify the changes you require to balance […]