Nocturnal Panic Attacks

Nocturnal Panic Attacks

“I remember my first nocturnal panic attack.  I was pregnant at the time and I’m not sure I even knew they were a thing back then.

I had been asleep and woke up to a sensation that I can only describe as free-falling. 

Reduce Pandemic Anxiety

My neighbours did not go out for over a year…. And I do not mean that they did not visit a restaurant, bar or café. I mean they did not go out except for two trips to the local clinic to get their COVID vaccinations. 

Out of Lockdown

new normal

Everyone I speak to lately says the same thing to me, ‘I can’t wait to get back to normal’.  They also tell me that they are not in rush to go on holiday, go to the shops or get back into the office. So, what is this ‘new normal’ that people speak of? I guess […]