Partners of Sex Addicts’ Support Group

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Finding out that someone you love, and trust has betrayed you may shatter your world. Life has become more challenging in recent times and relationships are increasingly being impacted by sexually compulsive behaviours. The internet has provided an endless supply of pornography, sex workers, and hook-up opportunities.  
Partners of Sex Addicts
Because sexually addictive behaviours feel so personal to the victim of the betrayal, partners often suffer in silence. The life they once knew is pulled into question; they no longer know which parts of their life were real.  The whole marriage or relationship feels as if it has been built on a web of deceit. Partners of sex addicts often wonder, should they stay for the sake of the children, or should they just leave? This is never an easy decision to make especially in the immediate aftermath of discovery.  The partner will be in shock, struggling to make sense of whatever disclosure has been made.  
Embarrassment and Shame
Partners of sex addicts often find it difficult to reach out to friends and family for support. They wonder, is it something about them? Were they not sexual enough for their partner? If they tell family members, what will they think of them? First, we want to make it clear that Your Partner’s Choices Were Not Your Fault. Whether there were problems in the relationship, sexual issues, a difficult upbringing, previous abuse, or whether they were going through a difficult time at work. Your partner’s choices were his alone.  
Trauma and Loss
Cherry Tree Therapy Centre offers support to Sex Addicts, Porn Addicts and those struggling with sexually compulsive behaviours.  Often, the partners of sex addicts are overlooked as everything becomes about the addict’s recovery process.  We understand that sex and porn addiction can result in trauma and loss for the partner and therefore we also provide counselling and group support for them.  
Support Group
In addition to our Men’s Sex and Porn Addiction Support Group, we have a monthly online Partner’s Group. The group is a safe space to explore emotions. We encourage women to talk about their experiences and also offer tools and techniques for going forward.
Get in Touch
If you wish to join our monthly group, please get in touch. We meet on the third Saturday of the month at 10am. Sex Addiction Partner's Support Group    
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