Gottman Couples Counselling

Price: £80-90

Next session: April 4, 2021 at 13: 33 PM
The Sound Relationship House The Gottman Method for couple therapy is based on over four decades of research with more than 3000 couples pioneered by the relationship experts Drs John and Julie Gottman.  It posits that the building and maintenance of a relationship is similar to the building and maintenance of a house and so integrates research-based interventions in the metaphor of  The Sound House Relationship (SRH).    

The SRH is dynamic and takes into account getting to know your partner as a friend and so maintaining an awareness of his/her internal world.  It also involves sharing fondness and admiration of your partner in the building of a culture of appreciation, respect, and love for each other.  

Another essential component of the SRH is being attuned to your partner’s subtle and sometimes overt bids for emotional connections, and so turning towards him/her in building and maintaining a positive perspective of the relationship and at the same time keeping the emotional bank in credit.  Turning towards your partner is a very easy skill to learn and master and the benefits in a relationship cannot be overestimated.  The SRH also acknowledges and enables the management of conflict, supporting each other hopes, dreams, vision and the building of a shared sense of purpose in the relationship and in so doing ensures a legacy. 

The Approach to Treatment

The approach to treatment begins with an assessment process that includes the couple, an individual assessment with each partner, and an online assessment.  These will be integrated into comprehensive feedback on the areas of the relationship that needs improvement and also the areas of strengths.   The number and frequency of treatment sessions are mutually determined by the therapist and the couple and throughout therapy, the couple is actively involved in the process.

Therapeutic Interventions

Therapeutic interventions are within the framework of the SRH and the purpose is to help couples strengthen friendship by knowing his/her partner’s internal world, enable emotional connection and bonding, increase intimacy and maintain a positive perspective on the relationship.  The couple will also learn to and master the skill of turning towards his/her partner, maintain credit in the emotional bank, enhance respect, manage conflict and improve empathy.  They will reinforce and strengthen their shared meaning/purpose in life, manage any relapse and ultimately live a healthier and more lasting relationship.

  • Emotional disengagement
  • Dating and courtship
  • Marriage preparation
  • Arguments and conflict
  • Poor communication
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Infidelity and other forms of betrayal
  • Emotional abuse

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