Bereavement Services

Price: Free Group. Individual Counselling Sessions (£20-80)

Next session: May 12, 2022 at 10: 00 AM
At Cherry Tree Therapy Centre, we understand the pain of losing a loved one and know that coping with grief can be a personal and unpredictable experience. The Centre has a team of bereavement counsellors who are available for individual, couple or family counselling sessions. In addition to this, we offer a free confidential, non-judgemental support group, in which you can listen or share your experiences with others who have also been bereaved.
The Cherry Tree Bereavement Support Group is for anyone who is finding their loss difficult and aims to bring people together for mutual support. It is a space where individuals can speak informally about their bereavement, offer peer support, share memories, and experiences (whether happy or difficult), and get advice from others in a similar position. This support group runs on the second Thursday of every month at 10am. Please contact us for further information on our counselling service or our support groups.  
  • Difficulty coping with and understanding intense feelings
  • Problems with family and other post-bereavement issues
  • Safe space to discuss your loss
  • How to cope with anniversaries and reminders
  • Feelings of loneliness and isolation

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