Annmarie Wakeling

Annmarie Wakeling

Experience Individual and Couples Counsellor

About Me

Annmarie Wakeling offers therapeutic counselling at Cherry Tree Therapy Centre in Buckhurst Hill.

She is a qualified Counsellor, specialising in anxiety, self-esteem and bereavement, as well as drug and alcohol addiction. She is also an experienced couples counsellor and can help you improve your communication and esteem for each other.

“I believe that all that we need to help us to live happy and authentic lives, is inside us. Therapeutic Counselling can help us to tap all that limitless potential”.

Annmarie is passionate about working with people struggling with anxiety, sadness and low self-esteem. She also has extensive experience, working with bereavement as well as drug and alcohol addiction.

She works with adults, couples, young people (14-18) and older adults.

“Therapeutic Counselling can help you when you feel alone or stuck. It can help you manage difficult thoughts and feelings”.

Have you been listening to a critical voice for a long time? Annmarie can help you to find more compassion for yourself and the courage to fulfil your dreams.

She has years of experience working with loss. It can be overwhelming living with grief and you may find it hard to move forward in your life, Annmarie can help you manage the variety of feelings you may find hard to live with at times. Individuals that she has worked with have said that after therapeutic counselling with her they were able to feel more accepting of their loss and were able to start going forward with their lives in a more positive way.

If you are struggling with addiction,  self-esteem and confidence issues Annmarie Wakeling is the right counsellor for you.


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