Bowen Therapist

Didi Raynova

Massage Therapist. Specialises in Bowen Technique and Reiki.

About Me

Didi Raynova is a Massage Therapist at Cherry Tree Therapy Centre in Buckhurst Hill. She is a qualified Bowen Therapist, Massage Therapist and also specialises in Reiki.

“It is my pleasure to share my knowledge and skills with people for whom the harmony of the body and soul is equally important. The gift of energising people, giving them vitality and happiness is a real joy for me”.

Didi has carried out more than 10 years of classic, therapeutic, and healing massages. Throughout this time, she has gained experience and has continued to learn and develop her practice. It was in recent years that she took additional training to become a Bowen Therapist.

Didi Raynova is particularly interested in working with issues caused by the way we live and work. “Increasingly, people complain about frequent headaches, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, back pain, swelling, joint problems, and in most cases the causes are rooted in everyday life. People are suffering from a lack of time for themselves, and have forgotten how to rest, relax or enjoy just a moment of silence and peace”.

Her experience has helped her to develop alternative ways of eliminating pain and disease that occur as a result of our lifestyle. In addition to massage, she is trained in the spiritual healing practice of Reiki and she is a certified Reiki Master, which is the highest level and gives her a deep understanding of Reiki and also allows her to teach Reiki to students.

Reiki engages the conscious and deliberate use of energy, both for her own healing and correction, as well as for the treatment of other people. Didi’s idea was to combine Reiki with various massage techniques in order to achieve better results in the elimination of pain, improve the overall physical condition of her clients and balance their energy. As a result, Didi offers a bespoke treatment plan for each client, developing and adapting the various techniques to each specific case.

Since June 2014, she has been working as a massage and Bowen Therapist in Cherry Tree Therapy Centre. What makes this treatment special, is not only the physical comfort that massage provides, but also the rebalancing of energy levels and its subsequent harmonisation with the world in which we live. “It is my belief that I can contribute to a person’s well-being by using the techniques of an age-old practice. Spiritually, everyone is connected with the energy of light, love, and wisdom. This is our true nature, which we often forget when we are “dressed” in our material bodies. My job is to help people reconnect to this energy and free their bodies and minds from the stress and tension of everyday life”.


  • Diploma of Proficiency in Bowen Therapeutic Technique
  • The Usui System of Natural Healing – Reiki Master Teacher