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Barry Redman

Integrative Counsellor and Coach


Barry Redman spent the first half of his career as a sustainability consultant, caring deeply about our external environment. However, after embarking on his own inner journey, his focus turned towards our internal environment. He attended groups, workshops and talks, which helped him realise the enormous benefit that counselling can give us, and developed a growing interest in the workings of the mind and body.

Barry’s experience of counselling was so transformational that he decided to train as a counsellor in order to help others seek new and better ways of being. His training as an integrative counsellor means he works in a way that combines various approaches to respond to a client’s needs. He understands that these will change throughout the therapeutic journey, and responds sensitively and empathically to those needs.

Counselling for Sexual Compulsive Behaviours

Barry works with many issues but has a particular interest in working with clients who are struggling with watching pornography compulsively or struggling with their sexual behaviours. He has been facilitating a recovery group since 2019, which remained active throughout the pandemic, and provides a supportive and non-judgmental space for those who struggle to stop troubling behaviours. The group meets fortnightly in Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

His approach to sexually compulsive behaviour is to help clients first control their unwanted behaviours, and then work at the client’s pace to look for better ways of approaching life. The work does not focus on compulsive behaviours only but looks at how to identify an individual’s core values and live more in tune with them. The journey is often difficult, but building self-worth, dealing with shame, and trauma, and resolving inner conflicts that may have their roots in the past can set a path to a better future. A future that includes healthy sexuality, better relationships with the self and others, and a better way of coping with strong or difficult feelings and emotions.

His counselling style is warm, non-judgemental, empathic, supportive and challenging. Barry works both face to face and online.

Barry Redman has experience in working with both individuals and groups. Throughout his training, he focussed on working with clients struggling with sex and porn addiction. Barry will complete his Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Coaching in May 2022.

If you would like further information on how counselling could help you to stop watching pornography compulsively or you would like to enquire about working with Barry on general issues, please get in touch.

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