Feeling Good Enough

Not good enough

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t hear the words ‘I don’t feel good enough’ in one form or another.  What is it about life that leaves us feeling so inadequate and why is feeling ‘good enough’ so important to our wellbeing?

Affordable or Free Counselling

Bereavement support

Entering 2022 we can’t help but think about the last two years. It will come as no surprise that the pandemic has had a huge impact on mental health issues. The number of people needing to access affordable or free counselling has risen due to job losses and increased mental health challenges.


Menopause Help

Time goes so fast. One minute you are eagerly waiting for your periods to start, and then in a blink of an eye, time flies, and your periods have been and gone. Whether menopause is a welcome ending to your periods or not, may depend on how you experienced your menstrual journey over the years.

Reduce Pandemic Anxiety

My neighbours did not go out for over a year…. And I do not mean that they did not visit a restaurant, bar or café. I mean they did not go out except for two trips to the local clinic to get their COVID vaccinations. 

Out of Lockdown

new normal

Everyone I speak to lately says the same thing to me, ‘I can’t wait to get back to normal’.  They also tell me that they are not in rush to go on holiday, go to the shops or get back into the office. So, what is this ‘new normal’ that people speak of? I guess […]

Suicide Prevention Day

Nina Mitchell is a psychotherapist at Cherry Tree Therapy Centre. On the 10th September 2018 she gave a talk for the Sky Sharma Foundation‘s mental health and suicide prevention day in Ilford, Essex .  Here she talks about the day:  Mental health awareness is on the radar more than ever but we still have a long way to […]