The Inner Child: Boy to Man


We would love to share this poem with you.  I’m looking in the mirror and reflected back at me, Is an Adult hearing voices of the Child I used to be. An Adult making choices based on echoes from the past, It’s wrecking my relationships, they never seem to last. I’m drowning in this grown […]

Affordable or Free Counselling

Bereavement support

Entering 2022 we can’t help but think about the last two years. It will come as no surprise that the pandemic has had a huge impact on mental health issues. The number of people needing to access affordable or free counselling has risen due to job losses and increased mental health challenges.

Separating Parents

Separating Parents

‘When I was really young, my mum found out that my dad was cheating on her… for the second time! She wanted him to leave the house immediately but for 18 months he refused to leave.

Nocturnal Panic Attacks

Nocturnal Panic Attacks

“I remember my first nocturnal panic attack.  I was pregnant at the time and I’m not sure I even knew they were a thing back then.

I had been asleep and woke up to a sensation that I can only describe as free-falling. 

Childhood Bullying & Trauma


“I didn’t realise my experience was childhood bullying and trauma until recently.

When I was 6, I went to a day camp organised by my primary school. Lots of children went as it was a mix of all the year groups.

Me, Myself & Mental Health

Mental Health

This is a series of anonymous blog posts about you, your mental health, experiences, and stories.  Our hope is that someone might connect with your words and seek help for themselves. Our goal is to destigmatise mental health issues. If you would like to contribute to the blog please email  We will never reveal […]