Thank you for all those who made it to the Business Networking Group this month. Again, it was a fantastic turnout and I appreciate that on a hot, sticky day like yesterday you all came when I am sure you would all have preferred to be sitting in the garden with a nice, cold drink!

This month’s meeting had two themes. The first half of the meeting we discussed the Employee Stress Reduction Programme we are developing for medium to large companies in central London and Essex and Small Business Marketing tactics for members of the team.

This Month’s attendees were:

I am always amazed at how dynamic and resourceful the team is.  There were some great ideas put forward for the Employee Stress Reduction Programme and I am excited about putting those ideas into action with those of you who want to come along for the ride!

I had made myself some notes on Small Business Marketing ideas, thought I would share here in case anything is of use:

Marketing yourself

Understand your clients: who are they, where do they live, are they male, female, young, old, married, single etc? Write down as much information as possible about your target clients as everything you do will be developed around this client group.

When offering a service, you are your brand and your product, therefore it is important to think about how you present and sell yourself as a brand. Developing brand awareness is about creating a story of yourself. What do you want your clients / customers to know about you? How can you get your story across? What kind of logo, website, image do you need?

Know your business goals: What would you like to achieve? What part of your business do you need to develop further?

Website: Your website is an important tool, is it doing the job? On the web, your site is like a shop window. Is it inviting? Does it make people want to learn more about you and the services you offer? Is it visible on the web? How about SEO?

Social Media: For people on a budget social media is a must! Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc. are all an excellent source of getting your business and services noticed. Join the relevant groups.

Networking: Think about who is in your network currently, who do you know? who do they know? Are there  any local networking groups? Word of mouth is an excellent way to market yourself and your services.

Local Advertising: Leaflets, cards, public announcement boards etc. Get yourself out there and get noticed.

Another idea raised was:  Holding charity events at the centre

Thank you once again for all your donations.  We raised a further £38, bringing the total raised by the centre and donated to Centrepoint to £98.