Sherrie P

 Aromatherapy and Reflexology in Buckhurst Hill

I am a fully qualified holistic therapist with a passion for Aromatherapy and Reflexology, followed closely by Indian Head Massage and Swedish Massage.  Over the years, I have treated a number of clients with a range of therapies and have been fortunate enough to receive excellent feedback.

The impact of stress on the body is often under-estimated; if stress is not addressed and resolved it can lead to a number of physical problems.  Some of these may be long term, with varying degrees of severity.  Whilst holistic therapies do not claim to provide cures the treatments help to combat stress by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.  The production of “feel-good hormones” is stimulated.

Treatments such a reflexology help the body to kick-start its own healing process. According to media reports, an increasing number of women are convinced it has helped them to conceive.  Following success with 13 out of 23 women with fertility problems, Reflexologist Jane Holt has helped to instigate formal research at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.  Whilst this approach may not work for everyone, the anecdotal evidence available suggests a success rate exceeding 50%.  If you are interested in reflexology in Buckhurst Hill or have any questions please contact me using the contact page

Aromatherapy involves the use of natural plant oils applied in a variety of way, including inhalation, massage, baths and creams or lotions.  The oils are blended according to the client’s needs.  They can be beneficial for a number of conditions including dry skin eg eczema/psoriasis, depression, muscular aches and pains, spots  and insomnia, to name a few common ailments.  For thousands of years essential oils have been used to aid relaxation, relieve pain and restore a state of equilibrium to allow the body to heal.

Treatments are carried out in a calm, relaxing environment to help you relax, energise, regain or maintain good health, and feel more positive.  My priority is to help you improve your well being through a caring, confidential experience. Below are a couple of examples of client feedback:

“As a diabetic, Sherrie gave me treatments for reducing my sugar levels with reflexology.   At the time of my treatments my partner had just been told he had cancer so I was keen to use these treatments as a way of relaxation and stress relief as well as sorting out my sugar levels.  As you can imagine from reading this I was in trouble with my emotional life and needed someone or something to focus me and bring me back to reality.  Sherrie always became very focussed on my needs at each session and was always very careful of hygiene practises.  She became aware of my need for complete relaxation during these sessions.  I felt she was very good at picking up on the needs of individual clients.  I would certainly recommend her to you as a person who is very aware of not only the theoretical and practical aspects of her work but also the people skills needed to relax and support you in treatments  you have with her.  A thoroughly professional person who I found you could trust totally.”   Jackie H.

“From our first session when we looked at a range of life-style and health issues, it became clear that reflexology offered far more than relaxation.  During the course of treatment, I found my energy levels improved, I felt less lethargic and a long term problem with sleeping began to improve.  On your recommendation, I increased my intake of fluids and I noticed an improvement in the condition of my skin.  In today’s frenetic society, it is important to learn to respect your body and its needs and reflexology has definitely helped me to tune in to this thought process.  There must be many people who live their lives in the fast lane and I would encourage them all to experience the benefits of reflexology first hand.”  Hayley M-B My qualifications include

  • Reflexology Practitioner Certificate  – Association of Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy -  VTCT
  • Professional Massage / Body Massage Certificate IHHT
  • Indian Head Massage  Diploma IHHT
  • No Hands Massage

I am now offering workshops,  holistic therapy treatments and reflexology in Buckhurst Hill at the Cherry Tree Therapy Centre.