Mediation in Buckhurst Hill


Family Mediation in Buckhurst Hill

Family Mediation seeks to resolve family issues with the assistance of an unbiased, individual facilitator.  Individuals are helped towards a resolution of some or all of their differences through  the mediation process.

It is now a legal requirement for individuals in family disputes to consider Mediation as an alternative form of Dispute Resolution as early as possible, and before issuing court proceedings.

Areas of resolution may include:

  • Financial arrangements
  • Division of property
  • Arrangements for their children
  • Separation and relationship issues

Community Mediation in Buckhurst Hill

Community Mediation in Buckhurst Hill is a direct approach to deal with a breakdown in communication whether this is a neighbour or community dispute. If you are troubled by tense relationships, noise problems, boundary disputes, difficult or abusive behaviour, then Mediation can help.

How it works:

  1. You can contact us directly by email, phone or letter.
  2. Initial Consultation with each party separately to ensure willingness to participate usually over the phone.
  3. Separate independent meetings in a safe neutral environment to discuss the issues with the Mediator.
  4. Joint meeting including all parties with Mediator facilitating discussions in a mutually safe and neutral environment. This meeting aims to bring about an agreed resolution for all parties, with a signed agreement.
  5. Follow up service to discuss how the agreement is working and whether any further support is required.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation is a flexible and transparent process, which gives individuals or teams the opportunity to discuss their issues, exchange their concerns and move forward to reach a resolution.

The mediator will provide a confidential, non-adversarial environment where the parties can voluntarily work towards a constructive conversation, which usually aims to reach a resolution over 1-2 days.

Mediation provides an alternative dispute resolution, which is not imposed and allows clients to preserve or rebuild their working relationships.

We currently have two mediators who specialise in different areas.  Please click on each mediator to view their personal profile

Family Mediation in Buckhurst Hill

David McHardy – Family Mediator

Claire Sibley – Workplace and Community Mediator

To discuss setting up an appointment for mediation at Cherry Tree Therapy Centre in Buckhurst Hill, please call 020 8506 1868 or email us.