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Massage in Buckhurst Hill


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Reflexology in Buckhurst Hill

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage 

Sports massage is not just for athletes, it is for anyone who has over worked their muscles during physical activity.  When muscles are over worked lactic acid can be build up, causing soreness, stiffness and in some cases muscle spasm. Sports and deep tissues massages are both deeper and more intense than other massage treatments and they aim to speed up the healing and process.

Remedial and Classic Massage     

Remedial massage is a treatment that aids the elimination of muscle tension, stiffness and blockages through various stroking techniques. This massage treats different problem areas of the body and helps to reduce stress and tension.

This method can be used in combination with Aromatherapy.  Essential oils benefit the individual by increasing psychological and physical wellbeing.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage like other massage techniques has the aim of relaxing the body, targets tensed, sore muscles and improves circulation.  Each massage session is tailored to the needs of the pregnant woman and her stage of pregnancy.

Indian Head Massage 

Based on the Ayurvedic system of healing Indian Head Massage is excellent for decreasing the level of stress in muscles and tissues around the head, face, neck, shoulders and upper back.  Regular treatments can help with headaches, migraine, sinusitis and insomnia.

The client remains fully clothed and is seated in a chair for this treatment.


Reflexology works on the foot’s reflex points to relieve tension and help the body to heal itself.  The reflex points are believed to link to specific parts of the body.  Through releasing blockages in the flow of energy between the points, the body’s equilibrium can be restored.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is one of the safest, non evasive of ancient therapies used to this day to kick start the body into alleviating stress, energising, strengthening the immune system and relieving pain and tension. Scientific studies reveal is that cupping works by enlarging the capillaries to improve the amount of fluid entering and leaving tissues.  As celebrity’s and Olympians are all now realising, that the warm lifting pressure from the  glass and bamboo cups can rejuvenate blood and disperse stagnation.  The temporary  marks that result from the treatment are certainly worth the elimination of toxins, lactic acid with immediate effects.  The ancient treatment is best combined with acupuncture and massage treatment. 

Ear Candling

The ancient therapy of ear candling involves the gentle insertion of an a long candle into the ear and then alighting it at the open end.  The heat generated by the candle aids in drawing  out impurities and dispersing stagnation.

The relaxing treatment helps to address various conditions that include: 

  • improved hearing,
  • detox of sinuses and lymph nodes, 
  • sharpen mental functioning, 
  • swimmers ear, 
  • helps TMJ, 
  • eases facial, neck and shoulder muscles
  • Improves balance
  • Ease ringing in ears,
  • Relieves headaches and regular onset of migraines.

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