Corporate Well-Being Services

Corporate Well-Being Services

Statistics from 2011/12 revealed that in the UK work related stress accounted for 10.4 million lost working days (Labour Force Survey (LFS) Data). Male workers accounted for 4.6 million lost days whilst women accounted for 5.8 million days off work.  On average workers suffering from stress related illness took 24 days off work.  Large companies suffered a significantly higher loss than both small and medium size businesses.  Stress is amongst the biggest problems to employers and costs the British economy an estimated £3.7 billion per year.

How people deal with stress has a direct correlation to stress related illnesses.  Individuals, who have learnt to reduce their stress levels through positive health methods, take fewer days off work and will be at less risk from life threatening illnesses such as cardiovascular problems, mental illness and substance abuse.

Cherry Tree Therapy Centre offers a comprehensive package to employers and employees, which promotes stress reduction and aims to improve mental, emotional and physical health.  Our team work together, and deliver services both in-house or at the centre which is located on the central line in Buckhurst Hill.  Our services can be taken individually or they can be taken as a combined package, all depending on the level and root of the stress.

Our services include:

Let us help make stress related days off a thing of the past in your company. Contact us today so we can help you design the most effective programme for you and your employees.

Please contact Caroline Ley on 07740 362 857 or use the contact page to obtain further information on our Corporate Well-Being Services in London and Essex.