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At Cherry Tree Therapy Centre we are fortunate to have a team of highly experienced and qualified experts.  We fully appreciate that treatments can be costly and therefore some individuals may not get the help or advice they need.  Also, we understand that potential clients may have questions that they would like to ask a member of the team before committing to treatment.  The aim of this page is to give everyone free access to a team of experts.  So, if you have a question to pose to the centre please use the contact page below and a member of our team will answer your question in full and post to this page.  You do not need to give your real name and none of your personal details will be displayed.

Our experts include:


Q.  How can Acupuncture be used in the treatment of alcohol addiction?

Ear acupuncture is used in the treatment of any addiction including alcohol. It was discovered by a neurosurgeon Dr Wen in Hong Kong in 1974 when he was treating drug addicts. The acupoints were later developed further  by Dr Michael O. Smith, a psychiatrist & Director of Lincoln Recovery Centre in New York. These points are called The N.A.D.A protocol. This protocol is widely used worldwide in all kinds of situations, not just addiction.

The effects on alcohol withdrawal or any withdrawal are:

  • It combats withdrawal symptoms e.g. stomach cramps and shakes.
  • It reduces drug craving and relapse.

Its soothing and relaxing effects are helpful in any kind of life changes. Therefore it will help in anxiety, insomnia and agitations. These are also the symptoms of withdrawal.

Its grounding, stabilising and calming effects means it has been used in many situations: Post 9/11- World Trade Healing Service.

  • Post Tsunami Centres
  • Women’s health in treating hot flushes in cancer treatment
  • Reincorporate street children into society in Peru
  • Prison inmates with addiction problems

As for my own practice, I have used ear acupuncture in people wanting to stop smoking, coming off addictive medications and on cancer patients and their carers in a drop in centre( this was a voluntary service on my part). I also used ear acupuncture for other problems in addition to body acupuncture.

For alcohol and narcotic addiction, it is best used as part of a full detoxification programme including individual counselling and participation in group based therapy in the package.

Helen Tanner, Acupuncturist

Q.  I suffer from extreme anxiety which leads to nausea and vomiting.  From a nutritional point of view is there anything I can do to alleviate the physical symptoms?

A.  “Thank you for asking. Small meals are better, but if sickness is every day then having food in liquid form in-between meals might help as well. If you have a food blender you could make any of the recipes here. To replace the salts and water – drink coconut water or coconut milk.  Sipping ginger tea throughout the day may also help. Make a big pot in the morning, this can be left to go cold and drunk with ice and mint. Camomile tea before going to bed will help you to relax, in order to get a good night’s sleep. Both teas can be bought in supermarkets, Pukka do a nice variety.” Karen Harrison,Nutritionist and Naturopath.

Q.  I would like to give up smoking, how can Hypnotherapy help?

A.  “I believe that smokers need to overcome a message, which their habit has built up in their unconscious minds over time. This unconscious thinking habit continually convinces them that one more cigarette is okay. Hypnotherapy works directly on the unconscious mind and for the vast majority of my clients, helps them to quit smoking effortlessly. If you need proof that there is an unconscious element to your smoking ask yourself, if a new product came out that had ‘this product kills’ written on the side of the packet, would you still buy it? Smoking is a very self-destructive habit that I will be very pleased to help you stop.” Mark LeornardClinical Hypnotherapist

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